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How to Develop your Own Sense Of Style

How to Develop your Own Sense Of Style

By: Aqua Blutopia

Trendy, Bohemian, skater, Lolita, hippy, hardcore, goth, emo, vintage, girly, futuristic - these are just a small part of all the styles that exists. How to know which one is yours? What to do if you can't find the one you like and that fits you best? Maybe try to create your own and, what's the most important, unique style?

We see many different people around us. One looks plain and ordinary, although other seems to be going too far. Young people like extraordinary and extreme styles like punk, goth, hardcore.
Goths traditionally cover themselves in black no matter if it's winter or summer, they wear long leather coats, shoes with big platforms, whiten or even paint their faces, they often have piercing not just in the ears, but also in eyebrows, lips, nose and tongue, the most beloved images for them are graves, skulls, darkness and of course death.

There are a lot of groups like this. A lot of people express themselves very differently from others. Teenagers who prefer the same style establishes something similar to their own society. They visit parties and clubs where they already know the majority of visitors and where there are people with different attitude to some vital things for them like music, art, society and especially style, are not welcome. These groups usually contain some friends who refuse to meet somebody who doesn't look and think like they do.
Everything seems nice and simple while we're talking about a "society" like this. What happens when more groups exists? Fear of the ones that don't tolerate you, argues in the streets and even fights. One extreme group usually refuses to tolerate another extreme group, in spite of toleration problems in society, which both groups already have. Although skinheads are one of extremes they can't stand punks, goths and other subcultures, and being the aggressive ones they actually "take some actions" to show their intolerance.
People who express their selves through style have to face the reality that an ordinary wish of being different may become a problem. While some think that skull or grave is beautiful, others may think it's sick. Expressing yourself is always a very respectable thing. A person has to be very brave to show who he/she is through style, choosing extreme style means choosing your friends, your "society". That's the main reason why teenagers like these extreme styles although there's always a danger of being misunderstood. They may already have friends which belong to a society. And they feel safe while they know they are a part of a group. Nevertheless being different does not mean being extreme. You may want to create something only for yourself.
First of all, try to imagine what kind of style would fulfill your character, watch some fashion shows on TV or look through magazines. When you decide what you want, go through your closet and see what clothes you still want to wear and which ones you no longer need. Throw away everything you don't like. Of course after this mission you'll need something new. While making your journey to the mall try not to look at what people around you are buying, don't forget: you want your own style, not theirs. Creating is a hard process, especially if you're creating something totally different. Don't even look at things you would have bought earlier. Try to find something new, something you haven't ever thought you could wear. You don't have to buy things you don't like, but at least try something on. If you see a jacket you are dying to wear, but yesterday you saw five girls/boys wearing the same, don't even think about purchasing it! Your own style means original style, created using fashionable clothes yet not the ones you can find in every single shop.
When you have finished with the clothes, do the same with your jewelry. You don't have to throw anything away, but find something new that would fit with your new clothes. Pay attention to forms of colorsand size. Try many different details of many different styles, mix them and finally you will find something you like, and something that will be unique.

When you decide to create your own style, try to consider if it will have some influence on your social position. What consequences may it have? Will your friends or your boss be happy about your changes? Being different is good, but is it worth it to take it to the extremes?

Tips on How to Meditate Correctly to Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit All in One

Tips on How to Meditate Correctly to Align Your Mind, Body & Spirit All in One

By: Aqua Blutopia

The author of such novels as “Planet Omega” and the romantic drama, “Chloe and Louis,” Chelsea Hoffman devotes her time to writing about a myriad of different topics like gardening, beauty, crafts, cooking and medical research. She's published with Dobegreen.Com, The Daily Glow and oMeditation helps you achieve inner peace and focus, whether you do it for spiritual or self-healing reasons. When you know how to meditate properly, you're able to relax and open your mind to whatever meditative results you aim to achieve. Knowing how to meditate properly isn't something that necessarily requires a set-in-stone technique, but following some basic guidelines helps you find what's right and proper for your own meditation journey.


Tips & Advice:

1)    Select a quiet area that is undisturbed by friends, family members or strangers. This area can be your bedroom, your bathroom during bath-time, or a secluded spot in nature. As long as you have this area completely to yourself long enough to meditate, then it's adequate.


2)    Prepare your area with items that enhance your focus. Light candles and turn off any artificial lighting in the room. Artificial lighting is harsh and distracting; while candle flames may help you focus. The dimmer light is helpful in relaxing during meditation as well.

3)    Light incense if pleasant scents help you relax while meditating. If you want to mediate for particular purposes, the incense you use may make a difference. For instance, spiritual experts believe sage incense wards off negative energy.

4)    Get comfortable on your cushion, couch or other soft surface. Don't sit anywhere where it is hard to be comfortable, because this will break your meditative concentration.

5)    Focus on something in your area where your eyes are comfortable, such as a candle flame or something shiny. Or focus on nothing at all. Close your eyes after you find focus, and breathe in deeply. Exhale your deep breath with a whoosh, deliberately taking notice of your breath patterns. Try to breath from your diaphragm, which is located at the base of your lungs. This form of breathing helps you remain balance, and is popular technique with those who meditate frequently and practice yoga.

6)    Play light music if necessary; however, some people prefer a completely quiet room. Sounds of nature can be helpful, and so can instrumental music of whimsical style.
7)    Always make sure you Concentrate on your breathing. Be aware of each breath and the feelings of deeper relaxation. Allow thoughts and feelings to enter your mind. Acknowledge them, allow them to pass, and refocus on your breathing. Open your eyes after you feel more relaxed and centered.

Extra Tips & Advice:

 There are many forms and variations of meditation, so if one particular form doesn't work for you, try another. Look into some books on meditation to discover which type is best for you.

 Begin with 5 to 10 minutes of meditation each day and increase to 20 minutes or more twice each day.

 Practice meditation before eating.

 Recent studies have shown that meditation may decrease the risk of heart disease, possibly because the resulting stress relief may promote the body's self-repair system to thin the fatty buildup on artery walls.

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Tips & Advice on How to Increase Motivation and Stick with It

Tips & Advice on How to Increase Motivation and Stick with It
By: Aqua Blutopia

This article was created by a professional writer and edited by experienced copy editors, both qualified members of the Demand Media Studios community. All articles go through an editorial process that includes subject matter guidelines, plagiarism review, fact-checking, and other steps in an effort to provide reMotivation tends to be something that comes and goes. But why does this happen? Here are a few tips on how to ignore bad habits and negativity by letting some motivation into your mind. Once you reach this goal, do your best to stick with it.

Drop the bad habits. How many time wasters do we have around us? Many of us may want to build a nice website or start a new eating method, but then our minds are infected by the occasional slack. It's okay to take a break from things, but we need to remember how to get BACK in the zone. Feel like dropping out? Refer to step one of this article, my friend.

Focus on your goal. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to make as much money as you can? We all know it takes hard work to accomplish these things. Whenever you notice yourself slacking (because your goal is taking too long or results are very slow) just keep thinking about the great feeling of accomplishment that lies ahead of you. Better yet, how would you and others feel once you reach that highly anticipated goal? Go on, make yourself proud.

Talk to yourself. Keep reminding your mind and body how much of a winner you are. You will accomplish your goals no matter what it takes. Nobody can stop you. Instead of putting yourself down for every little test life gives you, consider it a nice challenge to surmount. You are the best you can be, and you want the world to know it.

Enough procrastinating. This is one of the most powerful habits that stop us from reaching our goals. Put it this way: If you have a research paper due in five days, why wait until the 4th day to start it? Remember, you STILL have to do it regardless of the due date. Again, it's okay to take a little break, but you just never know what obstacles are going to get on the way of a good grade at the last minute. Get things over with, and rest your mind! You're going to love it.

Negativity is something none of us need. When certain activities get a little tough, we start looking at the long-term disadvantages of them. "I could never achieve what they did; it took them twice as many thinking heads to accomplish this!” Guess what: We're all human beings here with a brain, a heart, and all other body parts intact. If Bill Gates could climb the ladder to success, why can't you? He started like all of us would: Poor, ambitious, and with a burning desire to succeed.

Develop a plan. Let's say you want to shed a few extra pounds. As you've probably heard before, do not skip meals, for this will only lead to a greater desire to satisfy your stomach later. Why not eat small meals throughout the day, and reward yourself once a week for performing an amazing job? My point is motivation DOES NOT constitute killing yourself over something; it only takes listening to your mind and body.

No matter how well you think you're doing, there will always be some obstacles on your way. Why do they get in between you and the finish line? So that you can look up, learn from them, and proceed with a new level of strength like never before. Let's say you just had a miserable day at work by letting your colleagues down on a deadline. So what? Now you just learned another weakness, and once identified, it can surely be overcome. Show everyone what you're really made of.

Live in the moment. You can't obsess about what tomorrow holds. Instead, focus on living today! Read a book, go for a bike ride, do something daring like cliff diving. Whatever it is you decide to do, it should be about living your life as it is now and not worrying about what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future. If you simply cannot put your worries aside, then designate a time and place to address your worries so that they don't interfere with your daily life.

Once you have developed a plan to deal with your worries, commit to it, follow it through and then move on. Dont recycle the past, you must move forward and continue living your life without living in fear of the future. You are only human. You cannot save the world with your worries. You can only empower yourself with thoughts of encouragement and acts of valor.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Here Comes Boot Season: A Variety of Different Styles for Every Outfit

Here Comes Boot Season: A Variety of Different Styles for Every Outfit
By: Aqua Blutopia
Boot Season is finally back! Bring a variety of different Styles for Every Outfit. The Fall & Winter seasons brings with it many pleasures including comfy and Stylish. Not only does wearing boots keep your feet and toes toasty warm, it also serves as an easy way to add style to every outfit. You can pair boots with just about anything, including office-appropriate outfits, casual weekend ensembles and even dressier attire. Choosing the right boot for your outfit can make all the difference, though, so pick wisely.

1) Comfy Boots Keep things comfy and ultra-casual like Hayden Panettiere's who’s got the right idea. The Actress star looked stylish and super-comfy while shopping in LA, with her figure-hugging grey mini providing the sex factor, and her cozy tan Ugg boots notching up the practical points. She's sporting Uggs, which can be expensive, but many shoe retailers sell similar styles for much less.

2)  Platform Boots come in all shapes and sizes, as demonstrated by the kicks worn here by musician Nicki Minaj. Her boots are a modern version of retro platform boots and add an edgy element to her outfit. Try platform boots in white, gray, camel or something more colorful -- such as red, green or blue -- to spice up your outfits.

3)  Thigh-High Boots Fashion icon, reality TV star and mogul Kim Kardashian sports a pair of thigh-high leather boots with an animal-print top. The boots give her a more covered look -- and keep her legs warm -- even though her dress is short. To make the most out of thigh-high boots, wear a shorter dress like Kardashian so they're completely visible.

4)  Edgy Boots one of the most prominent trendsetters who introduces super stylish clothes and accessories is none other than the famed singer, Lady Gaga. Your inner rock star is ready to take center stage in boots with attitude! Singer Lady Gaga wears tights with. Her platform high heel adds glamour and edge to these unique boots.

5)  Cowboy Boots Nicole Richie shows that you don't have to be riding a horse to don a pair of cowboy kicks. Her Cowboy boots look chic; choose a loose or airy dress that is above the knee to pair with your cute cowboy boots. Any bohemian type of dresses will do as worn By Nicole Richie –it will not only give you a stylish look but you can walk around anywhere using this outfit.

6)  Snakeskin Boots Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, actress and singer, mixes things up a bit with her pale-colored, thigh-high, stiletto-heeled boots. The white tone adds an element of surprise to her ensemble and keeps her looking fresh and fashion-forward. Try yours in a pale gray or camel and pair them with a short dress or skirt to show them off.

7)  Flat Knee High Boots- Lauren Conrad Flat cognac knee high boots are an easy wear for everyday comfy casual look. With Lauren Conrad Solid Scarf, A neutral cotton scarf, create volume for Lauren’s eccentric vibe look that complements her, so her look is fresh and youthful. Lauren Conrad seems comfortable and fashionable in these cold weather must-haves.

8)  Retro Ankle Boots Actress Keira Knightley looks adorable in her retro-inspired cocktail dress and cropped boots. The heel keeps her ensemble glamorous-looking without taking it over the top. You can do the same with a cropped boot, or try it with leggings and an oversize shirt or jeans, a camisole and cardigan.

9)  Studded Boots Studded -- or otherwise embellished -- boots add an innovative, offbeat vibe to an otherwise conventional pair of boots. Actress
Emma Roberts gorgeous look who’s clad in a Valentino LBD, studded Valentino boots, and of course David Yurman earrings and a David Yurman ring, Mimic this look or wear yours with jeans and a leather jacket or a girly, embellished dress. Keep jewelry at a minimum to showcase your shoes.

10)  Strappy Boots Whether you opt for an ankle boot or knee-high boot, designs with straps add something special to these cold weather shoe staples. Reality TV Star Khloe Odom Kardashian is wearing a stylish brown knee high boots with straps and buckles -- ideal for an outfit with tights or jeans.

11)  Lace-Up Boots Singer & Actress Miley Cyrus keeps her look casual in black lace-up boots that can look cute with jeans, skirts or dresses for a day-time outfit. Mixing rugged, unisex boots with feminine skirts and dresses is on trend. Opt for bare legs like Coleman, or for colder days wear tights or scrunched socks.

12)  Open-Toe Ankle Boots Painted toes get a cameo in these peek-a-boo ankle boots. The cut-out pattern of these booties works well for most evening ensembles. They are sexy and dressy, with a little edge. Choose open-toe ankle boots that flatter your toes; too much toe looks more like a sandal and too little looks like a mistake.

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Tips on How to Identify If the People Around You Are Jealous

By: Aqua Blutopia
Do you get the feeling that your co-worker, family member or friend is being insincere about the way they feel about you? Your suspicions may be correct. Chances are he or she may be jealous of you, but how do you know?
o    1
                    Observe the way these people behave around you.
o    2
For co-workers notice how they hand you paperwork, share a workspace or tell a story about someone or something in front of you to another person it may be in a nonchalant almost negative sort of way. For family members notice how they tease and nit-pick about the way you look, talk, dress, shop or spend money (they know they don't have.) They are extra critical when they shouldn't be. They will find fault with you about almost anything and discuss it with another family member. As for friends, they do the same and sometimes resent when you call or come around them. They usually find a way to stay busy if there are plans to get together. The very idea they have to look at you or what you have bothers them, so rather than have to deal with their feelings, they try to avoid you or get what they can out of you.
Notice how your family, friends and co-workers look at you when they think you aren't paying them any attention. Usually their nice smile is quickly followed with a frown and a look from top to bottom and back up again especially if you have a better physique or wardrobe then they.

o    3
For co-workers pay careful attention to the eye contact they give you while a manager is praising you.
             With all individuals, take "I'm just kidding" jokes seriously.
o    4
For those really good actors, find ways to compliment them and watch their reaction. Jealous people don't handle compliments very well. They either look uncomfortable or feel guilty because they know how they have been behaving toward you or they are overjoyed and are ready to brag about themselves hoping that you will say things like, "I wish I had that...I always wanted that..." When they hear you speak like that it makes them feel like, "Wow I finally have one up on them!"
o    5
Avoid participating in negative discussions to get them to like you such as bad mouthing others, buying them gifts or spending time with them. Their negativity will eventually where off on you.
o    6
Listen to how they explain a situation involving you. For those co-workers who are jealous, they will often blame you even when there is no need to or tell lies.
o    7
In the workplace, look at the way you arrange things at your desk when you first arrive, after you come from lunch, and when you leave the office. Sometimes jealous people want to learn more about you so they will go through your things to find flaws, weaknesses or things they can use against you. Family and friends will do the same if they can get to places in your home that you would consider off limits. Be careful trusting them around your partner too! Some will befriend him or her just so that they can make you jealous.
o    8
There are usually others who have had bad experiences with this jealous person. Take mental notes when someone warns you about him or her.
o    9
Stop whatever you are doing when you hear your jealous co-worker, family member or friend behaving in a way to discredit you, damage your reputation or cause ill feelings between you and others. Confronting them on their jealousy in a way that makes them feel small will alert those around them to watch out. A jealous person hates to be exposed!
o    10
Once you have exposed them, be prepared for backlash. Keep them away from your home and away from your family. Alert those closest to you about anything they have done that you consider nasty, disrespectful or outright mean! When handling issues with a jealous co-worker, be sure to alert another party about your experience, human resources may be able to help you with any issues that you may be facing. Worst case scenario, request a transfer or start looking for another job.

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As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your Partner or best friend, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take lots of pictures, make wonderful memories, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, and no second chances. Each morning we wake up is a gift. You just have to live life to the fullest. Tell someone what they mean to you or how much you love them or tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be sweet and smile until your face hurts. Always be true to yourself and be the best you can be. Don’t be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all; live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness in your life you can never get back again.